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Ajax on PhoneGap applications.

Hi there, I'm working in a web development project. In that, I decided to creat an android application. But I don't know about android programming. So I went for Phonegap. I didn't used phone gap desktop application, I am using build.phonegap.com website to create. Now I got a problem, I know no php will work on Cordova.... so I went for ajax. But it is not working. I searched a lot, theu are saying to install plugins.... but I cannot install plugins on Phonegap website. So Help me to get the solution. Thanks in Advance!

23rd Nov 2018, 2:57 AM
Hemath Kumar
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1 Answer
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See the tutorials point phonegap tutorial they teach how to make the hybrid app. Whether it will work online or offline. just check it may be you will find out the solution.
23rd Nov 2018, 5:36 PM
Vivek Tiwari