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please clear my doubt

In C program: for(.....) statements In above for loop only first statement will be executed,because these statements aren't between curly braces. In Python: How does it work?

12th Jun 2018, 4:17 AM
Ch.Lakshman Vinay
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In Python, The loops work with indentation. After the loop, if you are not using an indent, it will not be considered a part of the loop. For Example:- for i in range(0,3): print(i) print("End") This code will output something like this. 0 1 2 End The loop works for print(i) because there was indent before the statement. And print("End") was not in an indent, therefore, it was out of the loop and was printed after the loop was over. If I had also used the indent before the second statement something like this:- for i in range(0,3): print(i) print("End") This would have print first The values like this:- 0 End 1 End 2 End So it depends on the indent in python whether a loop statement will execute or not,
12th Jun 2018, 5:04 AM
Akash Pal
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