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I believe BASIC, COBOL, FORTRAN & Pascal (Delphi) would make really good courses on SoloLearn. The way SoloLearn works, these languages would be great learning tools in this environment. I would love to see these courses here. I wouldn’t mind helping to build them. What do you guys think? How do we make this happen? What other languages would make good courses here?

22nd Apr 2018, 11:36 AM
Umair Salam
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5 Answers
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You're free to submit lessons at the Lesson Factory, when on Android (don't know about iPhone, I'm sure it doesn't exist on web). So, on Android go to your home screen, tap on the three dots top right > Lesson Factory. Looking forward to your lessons :)
22nd Apr 2018, 11:54 AM
Tashi N
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Thanks for the suggestion...I’ll have to borrow someone’s Android phone to try this out. I don’t see the Lesson Factory option on my iOS device.
22nd Apr 2018, 12:43 PM
Umair Salam
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Yes! I logged in via an Android phone and I see the Lesson Factory option :) Thank you!
22nd Apr 2018, 1:40 PM
Umair Salam
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I like to refresh my knowledge of Cobol. A course would be very welcome!
2nd Jun 2018, 1:19 PM
Yvonne Coppens
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yeah Delphi would be helpfull!!
2nd Jun 2018, 8:07 PM