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Wampserver or localhost

I have managed to set name based address (cakes.com)...but i think i put my web pages in the 'www' folder in the wrong way, coz whenever i type 'www.cakes.com' in the browser, it shows 'Index of/..then below a directory to my webpages. For a webpage to be displayed it wants me to type'www.cakes.com/name of a webpage'..e.g 'www.cakes.com/order'....(order is among webpages names) help me to fix this bug, please!

6th Mar 2018, 12:40 PM
Kelvine De Danielo
Kelvine De Danielo - avatar
1 Answer
Make sure the public html folder exists, a that all of your website's file and stuff exists in it. Also, I'm pretty sure you need the homepage to be "index.html," though you are probably able to change that.
6th Mar 2018, 1:20 PM
LunarCoffee - avatar