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How do you keep aside enough time for four different codes

23rd Feb 2018, 5:19 AM
Yop Dalyop
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4 Answers
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Homeschool kids can’t get suspended :’(.
23rd Feb 2018, 5:30 AM
Jax - avatar
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lol I'm not homeschooled. In fact I'm in my final year now and I have two major exams coming up which explains my question.
23rd Feb 2018, 5:32 AM
Yop Dalyop
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Just try to schedule your time and don't waste it on watching TV or facebook
23rd Feb 2018, 7:51 AM
Nitzan - avatar
Why do you feel the need to work on 4 projects at once? What are the projects? Are there any comparable ideas in the projects? Can you maybe come up with some functions that can be used in more than one of them?
23rd Feb 2018, 5:40 AM
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