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Which is better programmming language

Hi, friends! I am started to leaning c++ language But I want to know that which is better and high high capable language for programming, Python, c++, java or c#. specially for graphics related things like, video games and what's the deference between them. plz, give a explained answer.

14th Jan 2018, 1:51 PM
Jogoth Paul
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2 Answers
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if you planning to make 2d video games, java would be enough. if you planning to make 3d video games like Minecraft, again java, could be a good choice. if you want to develop a AAA first shooter game with extremely high quality, when alot of libraries coming to play ( OpenGL / Vulkan, OpenAL, OpenNN, stb, Assimp, Bullet, etc ) you should go for C++, for the best performance, you wouldn't want to use java for this situation. If you were wondering yourself "why C++ for High quality graphics?" because when you want to render to the screen an high anti aliasing and high poly models, your graphics card have to render the same objects all over again when clearing the buffers which is being called without stop in a while loop. if you would use java for that, java will have alot to process until he gets to the clear buffer function which will cause high for drops.
14th Jan 2018, 3:59 PM
Cain Eviatar
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C++: Fast, flexible. Difficult. Java: Moderately fast. Not too difficult. Python: Easier than most. Incredibly slow. Graphics need speed, I’d say C++.
14th Jan 2018, 1:59 PM
Jacob Pembleton
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