Can one proudly stand on the knowledge he got by completing this tutorial and say he has known what ought to be known in JavaScript?

I mean is knowledge gotten from this app meant for the beginners or for advanced learners as well?

26th Jun 2016, 7:38 PM
Cele Prince
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6 Answers
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For beginners and someone who want to refresh the concepts. . apps are always handy..but if anyone seriously wants to have a grip of the language.. reading a book and practicing is must.. there is no shortcut..
28th Jun 2016, 6:24 PM
Shraddha -
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Everyday is a school day , there's always more to learn is what I'm saying , I started playing on these apps and my interest grew immediately, I only started a couple of months back an since have a website live for my girls make-up profession. www.makeup-by-jojo.com keep going with the apps whenever you get the chance and www.codeacademy.com is another great asset to any beginners close to a laptop :)
30th Jun 2016, 2:24 AM
Ed Hanlon
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Be proud of your accomplishments. This app is a great beginning, but to say that you will "know what ought to be known" is a bit of a stretch. This app is for beginners of JavaScript or an advanced learner of another language looking to learn JavaScript. To really excel, you need to: code a lot, fail often, debug even more, and repeat. Read other people's code and try to figure it out. Read the documentation and understand what's going on. Practice and never stop learning. This is a great course but upon completing it, I wouldn't claim I know JavaScript.
31st Jul 2016, 2:31 AM
Max Beck
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I think that solo learn is a great way to introduce a language you would like to learn. it is a place to learn basics fast and grow your interest in the language to make you want to know more so you can create your own. Reading javascript has become so much easier now.
13th Jul 2016, 5:19 AM
Katherine Adjahoe
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Thank you so much
27th Jun 2016, 6:20 AM
Ira Maarit Laamanen
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"Code" is instructions telling a computer what to do,And it has its own language "JavaScript " is a popular "language" and is one of the easiest to learn.
28th Jun 2016, 10:23 PM
Kevin Duarte
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