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plz help me

I am a 9th grade student I want to learn SQL and PHP but it's very difficult can I leave this and start learning other languages can I leave now and learn SQL and PHP in future .... plz help me to take a decision

6th Jul 2017, 3:30 PM
Prashanth Kumar
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3 Answers
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I can't believe that a human can't learn something, don't be lazy, go against the part of you who say: "You can do this later"... is your evil part! I can understand that something will be"difficult", you can switch to easier programming languages to understand the concept and then return with PHP. You should not change languages so easily, focus yourself in a language only in base to your interests. You can as long as you have a brain! ^^
6th Jul 2017, 3:41 PM
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You can do whatever you want. However, if you're quitting and doing something else because it's difficult, then you're never going to return and youll always fail at other areas of life if you retain that type of mentality or attitude toward things that are challenging. Things become easier when you learn them and practice them; they become easier when you challenge yourself and overcome the challenges. SQL and PHP are both relatively easy compared to most languages. Push through them, practice them, and become better at them. You don't give up when things get difficult.
6th Jul 2017, 3:37 PM
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Thank you u inspired me to learn it now
7th Jul 2017, 1:32 AM
Prashanth Kumar
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