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Google, Apple or Microsoft – Who do you think will fail first?

The tech industry today, has evolved into being dominated by three big players 1] Apple, 2]Google 3] Microsoft. In fact, Apple – for a short amount of time – was even the most valuable company on the planet. Its safe to call these three one of the most valuable firms in the world. But everything that goes up, must come down and the question arises, which of these 3 will fall first ? What you think?

2nd May 2017, 2:33 PM
Sandeep Balachandran
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Google Apple Microsoft Bdw.. this question is on Quora... Not sure where you encountered it.. ^_^ PS:- Heres the link https://www.quora.com/Which-company-will-fall-first-Google-Apple-or-Microsoft/answer/Simon-Trevor-2?share=7cf463cd&srid=u5UDc
2nd May 2017, 3:38 PM
Frost - avatar
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Google the one who can eat all those at once. (Btw google this one: Alphabet.inc and you'll see why Google is almighty giant). Apple despite having huge support from selfie-makers and "Android suck" people will fall soon bc of over-overpriced useless production. Microsoft can survive on Windows licenses (they cost a lot) for a decade or two.
2nd May 2017, 8:59 PM
Illusive Man
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Apple has a great support there in USA as well as Microsoft...so it's obvious that Google's under attack! 😎 Apple is expensive but better than Google... They use Swift and not Java as in Android. That's why Android is a little slower than ios with respect to the performance ;)
2nd May 2017, 2:43 PM
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@Frost I'm right :-D It's Google 😎
2nd May 2017, 3:43 PM
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Well as far as phone sales go Microsoft just went down from $1.5+ Billion worth down to $5 Million this year with the win10 phones. And Android finally caught up with microsoft with global user internet connectivity and surpassed Microsoft by a wopping 0.02% last month. Which is the first time in history anyone has even came close to passing Microsoft. So personally I wouldn't invest much stock in Windows phones! 😜 My guess especially if Microsoft doesn't step up the competition with the phone market... In order of most likely to fail to least likely: Microsoft Apple Google
3rd May 2017, 3:45 PM
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2nd May 2017, 3:02 PM
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Apple, their "new" products are like smoke effects, only bring new numbers on the final bill but they are really useless... wireless earphones...menu toolbar beside the keyboard... remove jack for thunder... highspeaker dedicated to Siri... none of them really bring something, they are just effects. Cherry on the cake, they are even not loyal to their original buyers (photographers) by removing memory cards slots... their strategy is really become random and only turn around add more widgets. Quality and design are even not arguments, their OS suck... and now many brand reach them for cheaper.
2nd May 2017, 3:02 PM
Geoffrey L
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Apple then microsoft reason Apple = No Steve Job, No new breakthrough innovation. everything will be slowly fade like Mac after Steve Job leave Apple and work for pixar. Microsoft = Windows Mobile sink, Nokia bad deal, Windows 10 ask "help" from linux developer by adding bash support.
2nd May 2017, 8:10 PM
Agus Mei
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Eventhough Apple is facing a turn around in fortunes. Sales of its products, besides the iPhone have been dwindling in the past few months. The Apple Watch was the first new product from the company that didn’t set the market alight. Market share and sales of the iPad have been falling steadily
2nd May 2017, 2:42 PM
Sandeep Balachandran
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2nd May 2017, 3:32 PM
Krishna Teja Yeluripati
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At present, there isn’t anyone who can dethrone Google from the top of its pyramid. This might change in a few years
2nd May 2017, 2:47 PM
Sandeep Balachandran
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Apple. Overpriced products for an overrated company.
2nd May 2017, 3:12 PM
Karl T.
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Apple I am sure.Google will last forever.
2nd May 2017, 3:37 PM
Dragon Slayer Xavier
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Google is one of the rare behemoths that has been able to read the changing times and is willing to change with it
2nd May 2017, 2:46 PM
Sandeep Balachandran
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I think Apple will fall first . Google will stay the longest , it's the best among these three . Reason - Google don't overprice it's things they think for the world not only for themselves like Apple.
2nd May 2017, 3:36 PM
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I think it's just my prediction Apple will fail first, then Microsoft and Google are 50-50. Cause Apple is only known for its i-phones and nothing more special. Whereas Google has a lot of online services that are help lots of other online communities and developers . Microsoft has made apps that work offline like visual studio.
2nd May 2017, 4:09 PM
Siddharth Saraf
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microsoft because we have os like Ubuntu and Linux which are available free but the problem is that people are not aware about those
2nd May 2017, 4:25 PM
Apurva Pragya
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4th May 2017, 4:13 PM
Prashanth Kumar
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I really don't have an idea. But recently I read the news APPLE has more CASH to burn as of now as compared to combined of MICROSOFT, GOOGLE and AMAZON.
3rd May 2017, 2:27 PM
Ashwani Kumar
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Ya I got it while surfing the internet.Not from quora i think
2nd May 2017, 3:40 PM
Sandeep Balachandran
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