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Official thread: Mentor Community Code Showcase!

Hello Sololearners! This thread is to house all of the community codes highlighted in the Mentor Showcase. Mentors nominate codes they think are cool or fun or amazing in some way and once a week we post them from the official Sololearn account on the Activity Feed. For those on mobile, you can see your Activity Feed in-app in the Community tab, Feed. And for those of you on web-only, or those that wish to never miss a Mentor Showcase post, we'll update this thread with the latest post and community code. Activity Feed posts are unable to be viewed on web however, so I recommend you snag the app if you're able. PLEASE NOTE: any posts here that are not by a mod or Mentor with the links to the Mentor Showcase posts and codes will automatically be deleted. If you'd like to comment on a code or a post, please do so directly!

24th Nov 2022, 6:55 PM
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