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What should I learn to just make Business Websites

I plan on having a Business with my own website but I don't want to be that "Programming Professor" cause I don't plan to learn every programming language. what should I learn to make a Business website with modern, simple user interaction and attractive UI designs. (I've been learning HTML and CSS for 3 months now)

2nd Oct 2022, 10:06 AM
Andrew Tobing
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Apart from html and css JavaScript will be needed too.
2nd Oct 2022, 10:14 AM
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If you wont have login, registration, online shopping... you can build amazing websites using only html, css and javascript. But if you would, then you also need to learn some backend language like php, python, java.. and sql for database. If you don't won't to learn everything you may look on youtube and find tutorial about building similar site as yours. There you will learn only things you need to build this type of websites with step by step guide.
2nd Oct 2022, 10:44 AM
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