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What type of programmer are you?

Do you prefer web dev, front-end, back-end, full stack dev, game dev, system administration, software engineering, security? What languages do you use?

8th Apr 2017, 1:32 AM
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I'm actually a learner type of programmer! I learn new things within my coding journey! I'm not involved in web development right now, but I must recommend system administration, full stack development as well as security maintenance! I personally use Python to build my apps (not self depended apps since python is an interpreted language)! You must give it a try if you're free now!
8th Apr 2017, 3:59 PM
Harshit Gupta
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lazy type of programmer😂 want to become a game developer
8th Apr 2017, 2:19 AM
Husnain Javaid
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software engineering, full stack development and web development
26th Apr 2017, 5:02 PM
Nomeh Uchenna Gabriel
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I'm working as a freelancer, doing projects, so I do develop whatever comes in my way, and sometimes I even do not code myself, but purely need to understand what's been implemented. By doing so, I get quite a nice overview what' s going on out there, but cannot dig deeper into a particular language. Python, being my "hobby", however, is a bit of a difference.
13th Apr 2017, 7:57 AM
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20th Jun 2017, 7:52 PM
Ehtesham Ali
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@Ismail I dont understand what's the use for PHP in FRONT-end? Never heard of anything except back-end (and maybe some other [server] scripting). I see any TypeScript, CoffeeScript etc as extensions of JS, and never heard of anything that extends JS to (use) PHP.
21st Apr 2017, 6:51 PM
Andrew Harchenko (Tomsk)
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By profession, I'm basically a full stack developer. In web dev, I sometimes work with CMS like WordPress or Drupal. Typically my tools of the trade for front-end are CSS3, HTML5, JavaScript/CoffeeScript and various libraries, mainly node.js, NW.js (Node Webkit), webpack.js, jQuery, gulp, React (basics), underscore and Chart.js. For back-end I use ES6, PHP, Python and Django. Database is managed with either SQL, often MySQL or Postgresql, or with NoSQL, namely MongoDB. As a hobbyist and self-learner, I'm creating apps with Python, sometimes coupled with Django to create my perfect project management software. I like to develop Sublime plugins with Python and Chrome extensions with JavaScript. I create bots with CoffeeScript and plan to integrate them with my home automation system, which is a combination of OpenHAB and my own scripts running on a dedicated Raspberry Pi. In use it to control my lights and other appliances remotely, measure temperature/humidity, create alarms with magnets and so on.
6th Jun 2017, 4:48 AM
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Learning Java for back-end and PHP for front-end and back-and development. For work as a freelancer I build websites with HTML, CSS and Javascript + CMS (WordPress, phpFox..).
15th Apr 2017, 12:57 AM
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full stack dev and software engineer
12th May 2017, 5:32 AM
Talluri Saisumanth
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8th Apr 2017, 5:49 AM
Rana M. Zaheer Tahiri
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