Can you help me make a Python engine along with the graphical interface?

can you help me to develop a python engine with the graphical interface is that I am finishing the course and the exam will be to make a chess engine in python and with the interface in python

8th Mar 2022, 7:58 PM
Pablo - avatar
2 Answers
Sounds like a programming course and you should know this or atleast most of the parts needed. What is your attempt so far?
8th Mar 2022, 8:11 PM
William Jönsson
William Jönsson - avatar
Use tkinter or QT or kivy write your code in python file and pack all to exe file. That's it. Even chess algo you can find in GitHub(I think). You need to write just visual part and connect it with chess algo
8th Mar 2022, 9:06 PM
Shadoff - avatar