Why is the error handler not working?

``` new Promise(function(resolve, reject) { setTimeout(() => { throw new Error("Whoops!"); }, 1000); }).catch(alert); ```` Can anyone explain why the error handler is not working here? It works without settimeout. [Please don't paste random links]. Thanks.

7th Aug 2021, 1:12 PM
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4 Answers
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NBinte This appears to be relevant. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/48969591/why-promise-can-not-catch-the-error-throw-by-settimeout In short, catch fails to catch the thrown error since the method is executed in a different stack frame. I am not too knowledgeable about how the stack operates, but the thread I linked includes an answer which go into those details. The second answer explains how you need to call 'reject' instead.
7th Aug 2021, 1:33 PM
Hatsy Rei
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7th Aug 2021, 1:34 PM
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Hatsy Rei Thanks, that helped. :D
7th Aug 2021, 1:52 PM
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7th Aug 2021, 1:19 PM
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