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How can I see how many XP I have in total? So confused...

7th Jul 2021, 6:01 PM
Ουρανία Α.
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4 Answers
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1.I think the shortest way for you is to go to leaderboard from the left top navigation icon. Then go to the following and change the filter to all time. I think then you can see your XP. 2.Sign in with sololearn web and go to profile. Btw, your XP is 2087. 3.Go to your profile . At the end of that page you will get a button .Click it. Then go to show more(maybe something like this) and you can see your xp.I am not sure about this one because I am not currently using sololearn app.
7th Jul 2021, 6:07 PM
The future is now thanks to science
The future is now thanks to science - avatar
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Activity section show you all details. For more , tap on "show more"
7th Jul 2021, 6:21 PM
Jayakrishna🇮🇳 - avatar
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Thank you so much guys ,it worked🥰
7th Jul 2021, 6:25 PM
Ουρανία Α.
Ουρανία Α. - avatar
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Well it was working earlier too, but okay :)
7th Jul 2021, 6:47 PM
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