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Could you share how and where do you practice your HTML and CSS skills?

I find myself passing through the course materials by reading only. It would be great if lets say I could make a website theme or something else. What finished product can someone create using only CSS and HTML?

28th Mar 2017, 5:32 AM
Avic Ndugu
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really you should be making your own pages along side the course. it doesn't matter what the page is about, just so long as you're learning something new. if you truly have no ideas, make a blog, or a page about a subject you like, or a page that looks cool or has animation...etc
28th Mar 2017, 6:15 AM
Ahri Fox
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I practice HTML in SoloLearn only but if you want to get review & response from other people, make a website or you can say a blog by using Google's Blogger. There you will have two options: 1 ) Just write text & Blogger will make website for you. 2) Code your own blog using HTML on Blogger. So you can use the 2nd option to improve your coding skills by coding your own blogs.
29th Mar 2017, 4:06 AM
Biraj Patel
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it would be better if u try to do the coding alongside with the course so for html & css use sublime text & don't think of making big web page right now just try the little piece of web page every time that would be better
28th Mar 2017, 3:13 PM
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Try codecademy :)
29th Mar 2017, 11:26 AM
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14th Apr 2017, 8:59 PM
NimWing Yuan
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Practice as much as you can and try to make codes so that you know how to apply what you have learnt
28th Mar 2017, 7:19 AM
Chirag Bhansali
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Alternatively you can find sites you like and redesign them
28th Mar 2017, 12:40 PM
Kene Keje
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thx all
28th Mar 2017, 3:57 PM
Umut Dalkılıç
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step by step, the first of all is to have a starting point of what you want build (what kind of web site or blog) in your mind and write it somewhere. after that, try to apply what you're learn to make your thought reality! never give up, and practice as many as you can
31st Mar 2017, 12:01 PM
JΞΜΔ 🇨🇩👑 [ActiveChallenger]
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it will be good practice if you make bolg or any css animation or a simple website about any subject with lists ,tables,texts ,links,images ,videos ,sounds background images and more.just learning is not good you need practice (follow me if you like my answer)
28th Mar 2017, 11:36 AM
vazha topchishvili
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notepade++ is a faster and better solution... https://notepad-plus-plus.org/download/v7.3.3.html
31st Mar 2017, 12:06 PM
JΞΜΔ 🇨🇩👑 [ActiveChallenger]
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You can also design a page an any app eg MS Word with all the new stuff you have learnt eg and try to code it. Make it appears exactly that way on a browser.
28th Mar 2017, 12:33 PM
Kene Keje
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29th Mar 2017, 6:54 AM
Marshall Moyo
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I use Free Code Camp and Codecademy.
31st Mar 2017, 5:36 PM
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install xampp and notepad++ on your own pc and try to make your own website first on your pc. you can try to reconstruct a page you like from the internet or do something completely new. it's not so difficult. Just begin! after this you can make your own public site!
28th Mar 2017, 7:10 PM
sil 🇬🇷
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You can train yourself to use the languages you're learning effectively by creating your own projects, like a portfolio page, a website about you or someone you love. all that could be done on sites like Codepen.io , JSFiddle or even this app in the code creation tab. Also focus on making a simple ui for ur website and make the code as simple as possible to give ease of reading to people.
29th Mar 2017, 10:24 AM
Nabil Tharwat
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The internet is a best place to practice your skills. You must practise along with learning course materials as it will give you an actual feel of web development and attenuate your interest. Choose your favourite text editor and search for projects on google. One other way is make an account on github and start fixing codes written by other people, it will help you in increasing your familiarity with the language. As for what you can do with just html and css is that try making templates of your imagination or check source codes of different awesome web pages online and try to understand how the page elements and attributes are organised.
28th Mar 2017, 2:13 PM
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I practice my web design on my android galaxy s7 or my macbook pro. An example of some my codes which I have just added a simple one page to my portfolio. you can check it out to see how I incorporated it. but you can put anything into a website doesn't have to be complex as long as you put something up. you can always expand on it later.
28th Mar 2017, 4:09 PM
LeRoy Summers
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have many good answer for newbies
22nd Apr 2017, 9:34 AM
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best way to learn properly, always code yourself, redesign the sites like facebook etc as much as similar as you can do. participate into the questions for answers and apply the questions code for your learning as a case study for u ,this will boost your understanding level and enhance your coding too.
28th Mar 2017, 7:58 PM