Can someone help with this question? Loops in ECMAScript 6

Students need to score at least 70 points to pass an exam. The given program declares an array with results. Write a program to count and output to the console the number of students who pass the exam. Use a for...of loop to iterate through the array. let scores = [68,95,54,84,77,75,63,74,69,80,71,63] //your code goes here

13th May 2021, 1:52 AM
2 Answers
this is my solution: let scores = [68,95,54,84,77,75,63,74,69,80,71,63] //your code goes here let pass =0; for(let val of scores) { if (val >= 70) { pass ++ } } console.log(pass);
5th Sep 2021, 10:57 AM
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