How do I turn my offline collecting game into an online multiplayer game?

Well I have a site I coded ( https://lifewitgray.github.io/Cubey/ ) and I wanted to turn it into an online multiplayer game with trading, jackpots, and live chat (Please use website linked above to understand what I mean). How would I approach this? I have very little knowledge of coding and this site as it is now took me almost 4 months. I think it would be cool to expand it, so if anyone could help that would be amazing!

9th Apr 2021, 1:26 AM
2 Answers
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Youll have to learn a backend language like nodeJS, python or PHP to make it multiplayer
9th Apr 2021, 6:42 AM
Mirielle - avatar
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Learn three whales of web development(actually nowadays they are just basics =), but still): Html CSS JS JavaScript with some handy libraries can do the job you want to perform.
9th Apr 2021, 1:54 AM
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