problems in setup.py

setup.py Please can anyone give me an example of a setup.py file; it's really confusing me. I'm trying to understand it from an example. Suppose my directory is: aaa/ setup.py LICENCE.txt README.md bbb/ test1.py test2.py test3.c 1. Is my setup.py is in the right place, or it should be inside bbb/ ? 2. What should be inside packages=[...] of setup? 3. What should be inside package_dir=[...] of setup? 4. What should be inside py_modules=[...] of setup? 5. What should be inside ext_modules=[...] of setup? 6. Suppose, name='apy' , then what'll be the name used to install it globally by pip? 7. How can I install it locally; if there is a pip command similar to global ones or there is a pythonic way to call the setup.py file? And is there anything which I should know? If yes then please tell me about it. [Please don't redirect me to the python documentation] Sorry for asking a lot of questions; thanks in advanve!

19th Mar 2021, 6:37 PM
Md. Faheem Hossain
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1 Answer
Everything there is ok but I think that make an installer as it is easy to use For pip you must first register to pypi then you must make a pyric file which stores your credentials Then install twine For more info search using twine
25th Mar 2021, 7:02 AM
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