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[Solved] How to mail SoloLearn?

I know their email address but I'm asking that how to mail!! Write a full 2-3 paragraph describing the problem or just saying the problem in 1-3 lines? Because I mailed SoloLearn about the problem in Python beginner course module quiz 2 days ago!! I hardly wrote only 2 lines describing the problem

9th Feb 2021, 3:28 AM
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6 Answers
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Sololearn is not quite fast when it comes to responding to emails, so patience is the key.
9th Feb 2021, 5:16 AM
👑 Prometheus 🇸🇬
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∆BH∆Y They will reply. Just wait. But they will ask for Screenshot I am sure because I sent many times.
9th Feb 2021, 3:37 AM
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∆BH∆Y Sololearns time for reply usually takes 3-5 days , So hopefully wait ... And writing 2-3 paragraphs of gibberish stuff wont help anyway ...So its better to be straight to point and attach supporting proofs(SS) as AJ sir told abv ....
9th Feb 2021, 3:56 AM
Alphin K Sajan
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They reply to me in 6 hours and I barely write 1 paragraphs i only write 2 lines so may be i dont know
20th Feb 2021, 5:31 AM
Queen 💜
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I Am AJ ! yes I've sent the attachment of the screenshot
9th Feb 2021, 3:54 AM
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Maybe your message is yet to be delivered cos that has happened to me and i waited the whole day before i realise i didn't press the send button and the message was in draft. i think they reply to emails in less than 24hrs
9th Feb 2021, 8:55 AM
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