Lock and unlock

Hi guys, I need help with lock and unlock exercise. Something like Sololearn have. You need to finish part 1 to go to part 2. Part 1 is unlock and part 2 is lock. Part 2 opens when you finish part 1. I hope I explained well. If you have some doubts ask me. How to do it in Html, Javascript, Jquery. Somebody have a tips?

17th Jan 2021, 10:59 AM
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Mostly, what I would do is, make global variables like `part1_completed`, `part2_completed` and set them to false by default. Then, if someone completed part 1, simply set `part1_completed` to true. If someone tries to access part 2 and `part1_completed` is false, then simply stop them. But if `part1_completed` is true, they can access part 2. If you don't have a fixed number of parts or a lot of parts, you can make an array with capacity equal to the number parts and set each index to false. You can use a variable `currentPart` to keep track of the current uncompleted part. When the user completes a part, set value of array of parts at index currentPart to true. If the value of array at index currentPart is true, then only one can access part currentPart + 1. For questions like these, it is recommended to go the "Codes" tab and look for codes similar to what you need there. Also, please remove the c# tag as it has no significance in your question.
17th Jan 2021, 11:10 AM
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