Question regarding where to aim my focus

I have an idea for an app/game which I'd like to be multiplatform (browser, android, ios) and involves a high level of user to user interaction. What should I know and be learning to create this project? I have been learning the JavaScript language along with HTML and CSS.

14th Oct 2020, 4:55 AM
Jeem Kraken
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Since u are aiming for developing an app,which is multiplatform: I suggest learning FLUTTER...
14th Oct 2020, 5:05 AM
Alphin K Sajan
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Two of the biggest game engines (Unreal and Unity) use C++ and C# respectively, but there are engines for almost every language. In my opinion, C# is better for this kind of thing, but choose the one that suits you better.
14th Oct 2020, 5:29 AM
Alphin K Sajan
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Browser game dev enough for the start
14th Oct 2020, 6:21 AM
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