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Hello, i want to make a script, that on push button redirects me to the next page of an url and do a simple task there. For example google.com/1 -> google.com/2 etc. On the url there is no next button to be clicked, so this can only be achieved with typing in the url bar the number of the next page. For the task it has to click a button that exists, type something, click enter and move to the next page. Im new to any java or programming overall, and i have no idea how to achieve that task

29th Jun 2020, 1:04 PM
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you can crate two html files. one for each of the pages. then you link the firat one to the second and also link the second one to the first by using buttons. example. my first page has an html filename, “page1.html” and my second page has filename “page2.html” . i can link page 1 to page 2 by using the <a> tag. <a href=“page2.html”> page 2 </a> what the above code means is that, the text between the opening and closing tags “page 2” will appear blue and underlined, indicating thats it’s a link. Onclick, you will be redirected to page 2. you could add buttons too.
30th Jun 2020, 8:24 AM
Bright Sablah
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