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can the headings be arranged from h6 to h1? can I also use more headings like h7, h9


30th May 2016, 8:26 AM
Nwaburu Emeka Christian
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8 Answers
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It is not recommended to change the order of the tags, as that will affect the way search engines index and "see" your site. You can create the other tags as well, like h7, h8, etc., but those are invalid elements, so it is better to use a custom tag, like a div, and style it accordingly.
30th May 2016, 9:03 AM
James Flanders
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For such a question you would learn more by just trying it in your browser by writing an html page that does that and see if it works
31st May 2016, 4:14 AM
DevCoder (John Sullivan)
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thanks @james
30th May 2016, 12:11 PM
Nwaburu Emeka Christian
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you can use any of the headings at any time but it is not advisable since search engines will always take h1 as the main heading. Headings is only from h1 to h6
31st May 2016, 5:04 PM
Orogwu Chinonso Pascal
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yes u can add h6,h7
14th Jun 2016, 4:13 PM
Hemant Tibrewal
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It simply won't work
30th May 2016, 11:41 AM
Gottfried Donkor
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30th May 2016, 2:16 PM
Animesh Roy
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i dont know....
31st May 2016, 10:46 AM
Aminul Islam