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Is it possible to submit my website to google with a website name containing host name.

My website name is mywebsitename.000webhostapp.com. If it is possible, please show me steps to submit my website to google. I mean my website is searchable in google search engine. For example, when I key in a keyword in google search, I am expecting to see my website in the list. I would also like to know how to let google know my website's keyword to make my website searchable under the keyword. Please let me know in details. Thank you.

1st May 2020, 2:51 PM
3 Answers
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You need to buy your own domain.
1st May 2020, 2:55 PM
Petros the Parakeet
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Some countries TLD (Top Level Domain, ie: .tk, .ml, .ga, .cf, .cq) offers free of charge domain name: https://www.freenom.com/en/freeandpaiddomains.html ... until today, I was convinced that only paid host providers would allow you to configure DNS to link a domain name to the hosting space, but I've learned about some hours that it was possible, at least with 000webhost ^^ Look at this discussion: https://www.sololearn.com/Discuss/2268342/?ref=app And if you succeessed, let me now to confirm this information, it would be really cool if that's true \o/
1st May 2020, 9:44 PM
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Is there another way for free?
1st May 2020, 3:06 PM