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D or C++?

I have finished learning C, and I want to move on to kearn another language. I have two in mind: C++ and D. C++ is a famous and powerful (and widely supported) Object oriented programming language. D is a less famous, less supported but powerful system level language. Which one do you think should I learn?

1st Apr 2020, 7:09 AM
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D seems to be pretty promising from what I've read. It "fixes" some C++ problems, however C++ catches up with every new standard released and the latest one was just recently published. But anyway I think it makes sense to learn C++ first and then maybe continue with D. Both languages should be pretty similar and you will get a deeper understanding of both when you learn one at the time. Btw. if you're looking for a language that fixes the problems of C/C++ even better than D you might have a look at Rust. Rust is more widely used than D by now despite being the younger language but also further away from C++ than D is. So you might as well skip C++ when learning Rust.
1st Apr 2020, 7:40 AM
Aaron Eberhardt
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