Is SoloLearn profile is acceptable to recruiters?

As an CSE student we are told by many peoples to use hackerrank, codechef and other big platforms. Is SoloLearn profile acceptable to recruiters? In other words Can I use SoloLearn as an alternative to those platforms?

11th Jan 2020, 7:28 PM
Vinay Kumar
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Vinay Kumar Code wars and codechef profiles, Tcs codvita peofile, HackWithInfy, these are some platform which shows an good impression over recruiters as to solving those question and having an good profile shows your logical skills. Many companies recruit from this as they are connected with this platform. Codechef -> DirectI Cocubes -> Cocubes HackWithInfy -> INFOSYS Tcs Codevita -> Tcs So having their experience will help you in recruitment round as well as in coding rounds and interviews. Sololearn just provide basic courses but if you make some good codes and contribute here with helpful answers you can add that in your extra curricular contribution quality which shows an good impact. The other platforms which important is github account with project commited. Cloud platform if any live websites Google play store approved application ect. So first work on coding skill then go step by step.
11th Jan 2020, 7:50 PM
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Hackerank is not also recognized, the only platform that seems to have a respected profile is stackoverflow
11th Jan 2020, 7:42 PM
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