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How did you first learn about programming?? What was the first programming language you've ever learned??

How did you first learn about programming?? Who was your first coding teacher?? Was it Youtube, SoloLearn, Stack Overflow, a real person or something else??

31st Dec 2019, 5:40 PM
Ritesh N Das 🇮🇳
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I first learned about programming a year ago. I was searching for books in a public library, and I happened upon this book called Python For Kids. Now, being someone who didn't know anything about programming, I picked this book up, wondered, What the heck? Let me read the back cover. And yeah, that's how I discovered programming/Python. In a library. It probably explains why I prefer reading books to learn about a programming topic. If you're wondering how far I've gone since then, you can check out my programs.
31st Dec 2019, 9:58 PM
Jianmin Chen
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