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Portfolio Building

How do most of you go about this, what are your top portfolio building methods or tips? How do you organize your projects in the portfolio if you choose to do so? Any particularly good resources you use when building your portfolios?

8th Dec 2019, 6:28 AM
Cody EB
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Portfolio is a mean to show the interviewer about what knowledges you have or have gained or the case maybe different lets say for sharing with other programmers or peers. Now there are so many different ways how we can handle our portfolio properly one way which is very common is by using github. Some other way would be to make a blog where you can lists out all of the projects you have under gone. Apart from this, what we were being taught during our college years was to prepare a hardcopy of the project report where we included all the codes(either by printing or providing it in a CD drive) and project introduction and stuffs. But I m unsure whether there exist a better to handle portfolio in the internet and if you are able to find one please do share it.
8th Dec 2019, 6:46 AM
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