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Mobile or PC SoloLearn?

Do you learn with SoloLearn on a computer or on your mobile device most of the time? I want to see which platform has more users?

8th Feb 2017, 2:53 AM
Jayden Webb
4 Answers
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I only use it on my mobile, I'm not currently coding on Sololearn.
15th Feb 2017, 1:19 PM
Ram chandra Giri
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Mobile when i am travelling, Computer when I am not travelling
8th Feb 2017, 3:51 AM
Deddy Tandean
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I use my device, and AIDE as a coding platform.
8th Feb 2017, 3:02 AM
Blightedsage - avatar
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I learn with both, however, learning on web and learning on your device both have their various pros and cons. It all depends on the one which suits you to learn faster.
10th Mar 2019, 11:37 AM
Mofetoluwa Balogun
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