What time period need in hours to learn: html+css ecpecially in practice and from the start javascript and python?

2nd Dec 2018, 5:43 AM
Vladimir Dudchenko
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I'm unclear on how to interpret the second part of your question ("and from the start javascript and python"), but it would be great if you could provide a benchmark for the proficiency level you're aiming for (e. g. what do you want to be able to do and how well would it need to be done? avoid vague terms that others use like "master"). I think I started to feel pretty comfortable/confident in HTML+CSS after about a month of dedicated practice (sufficient to make a "5-page" static website, which is typically all in one HTML file with at least one external stylesheet). JavaScript took me much longer. Afterwards, I found jQuery to be somewhat of a relief. But ultimately, each person is different.
2nd Dec 2018, 4:24 PM
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