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When I started on SoloLearn, I picked one language to start with: Python. I quickly learned that I would benefit from knowing more languages, and that some can be used together (e.g. HTML and CSS). What languages should I pick up in order to expand upon my knowledge of Python, and what few languages do you like to use together? Thanks!

20th Nov 2018, 6:35 AM
Cameron De Robertis
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Hello! It depends on your purposes. If you are intrested in web develpmemt you should learn html css javascript and php or ruby. While if you are more intrested in developing app you should go with java (swift for ios) or C#. Game develpment C++ or C#! Anyway here on sololearn there are basic course for many languages, takeing more then one is good for have a better understanding of the programming in general! For example if you want to learn C++ it would be good to have alse a little knowledge of C, because C++ is based on in it and it will help you have a better understandig on how and why things work in some way in C++ (but also with java or C# because they are too C-based languages)!
20th Nov 2018, 12:13 PM
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Again: ask yourself a question: what kind of problems I want to solve using IT tools, in what industry I want to work, in what position, what is my preferred programming paradigm, etc. Languages are just tools from a toolbox that you pick to solve problems. Repairing a bike is no different. If really you're unable to decide look the web for articles which languages are in the highest demand, and which are trending. Then check their applications. In my opinion as of today the most in demand in general are Java, JavaScript, Python. I suggest you read my posts on the subject.
20th Nov 2018, 12:23 PM
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