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Runtime Error on Firefox

I started using Sololearn about 2 months ago and had no problems. I use it between computer and phone often. Yesterday after doing a few questions on HTML I clicked on Code Playground and got this error: https://i.imgur.com/JxEGRG8.png on Firefox. I'm typing this out on Internet Explorer, the only page that doesn't error on Firefox is my profile. I do use add-ons such as NoScirpt but I have Sololearn white listed. How can I fix this?

14th Oct 2018, 6:57 PM
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The web version is... outdated to say the least. I recommend only the Android (not sure if iOS has caught up) app version. It has a ton more features, and will be a lot more stable. But if you must use the web version, and the problem keeps happening, try... yuck... Chrome Oh what am I saying? 🔥🦊 fur life!! Maybe email SoloLearn. Disable all your addons? Maybe even reinstall FF.
14th Oct 2018, 7:35 PM
Ahri Fox
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