Interactive Map for campus

Hello guys. Does anyone here familiar with interactive map development using asp.net? Is it possible to create admin api to update the map data and display it on the custom map? Any suggestions would be highly appreciated thank you 😊

2nd Oct 2018, 8:08 PM
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1 Answer
If you use Google Maps, you could overlay markers, polygons, over the map based on data from a database. You'll need to create an API key and enable billing on a credit card even though you'd get a lot of free traffic per month. There are some alternative mapping services that I have less experience with. Open Street Maps is open data. You could make your own Open Street Maps database focused on roads, rivers, and map data near your campus. This would be much more work than using Google Maps but you'd have more freedom to change how the map looks. You could do something with SVG or a large image of a map around your campus. You could then overlay interactive elements over that for things like clicking a campus building for more details. This is likely even simpler than Google Maps if you want to make your campus look completely different from a Google Map. This would also avoid registering a credit card or depending on Google for anything.
9th Sep 2020, 3:08 AM
Josh Greig
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