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Which programming language is commonly used in gaming industry.

I want to become a game develoer so what should I learn to become expert in that stream.

5th Jul 2018, 3:01 PM
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Hello, Vivek ! Watching what games and under what platform. If you know C++, then you can write under any platform and with the maximum performance of the games themselves, but it's necessary to spend a lot of time to study C++ itself, as it can be very long to shoot it from the feet. Also worth noting that there are free tools (engines, libs, etc.) under any of the platforms. And whatever they say, in gamedevе it will be in demand for a very long time, since there is no other alternative that would give so many possibilities for relatively small requirements for hardware. On C#, you can write too, almost everything, but free tools that grabbed all the platforms simply do not exist. Plus, not quite manual memory management, which is important for game optimization, but for small, simple and short-time (in development) games or prototypes, it fits perfectly. There are still various bundles of web technologies (HTML + JS, Flash, etc.), but they are mostly designed for the web.
5th Jul 2018, 3:06 PM
Alexander Sokolov
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C++ for making game engines and such to make games. A lot of big game companies do this to make creating their games easier. it's also used to create big game projects. You can use things like Ogre3D. C# is used to make games also. C# is known to be easier to understand and faster to make things. Most people use this language. Unity is a program that uses C# (it was made in C++, which is funny) to make 3D games. I would recommend unity if you want to create 3D games. C++ is a language where you need to program all the vectors and pixels on the computer screen and such, although it is extremely powerful. Java is used to make games too. I believe minecraft was made using Java. This language is a great language to start when you are learning how to make games. I'd also say it's the easiest. If you want to start very simple, like something where you can make a game in a day, I would recommend javascript. It's great to learn Javascript before Java if you couldn't understand Java well. I hope this could help. ✌
5th Jul 2018, 3:10 PM
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For beginners and practice you could employ PyGame (Python) Use Unreal Engine (3D/C++) or Unity (2D, 3D/ C# / Multiplatform) if you want to develop quality games based on the industry's most common engines. (They have a special support initiative for indie developers and you can access to all functionalities of the full engines) Mostly for app games is used Java (for this I would expand my tools in Android SDK or similar) Also exists Cocos2D if you're into Visual Studio (you can use Unity inside it too) Conclusion: Java & JavaScript are useful, but the most employed and big into videogames are C++ and C#.
5th Jul 2018, 4:53 PM
Alex M
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C++ I think
5th Jul 2018, 9:03 PM
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