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True || False

The SQL language can help you in game writing. 1.True 2.False

15th Jun 2018, 7:44 PM
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9 Answers
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You need other languages to create a game. SQL can be one of the language but you cannot create a game only with SQL.
16th Jun 2018, 2:35 AM
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2 False. You can't make games with just SQL
15th Jun 2018, 8:08 PM
Ava 🐈
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Ava 🐈 It can be used to store game data.
15th Jun 2018, 10:22 PM
Ben Allen (Njinx)
Ben Allen (Njinx) - avatar
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Generally SQL queries are use to store database and manage information i think you can use Java it help for making game
17th Jun 2018, 2:52 PM
Shreya Jain
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it might be usefull if you want to make an mmo and need to store some stuff. but it will be useless in most cases
15th Jun 2018, 8:20 PM
Max - avatar
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Apparently, SQL is turing complete, so everything is possible. I could not believe it myself, here is the reference: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/900055/is-sql-or-even-tsql-turing-complete (Still, this would be a silly thing to do, best is to use other languages for the logic and keep sql only for storing data in database) 😁
17th Jun 2018, 12:04 PM
ifl - avatar
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yes, SQL can aid you in your game production but it must be integrated with an high level language.
26th Jun 2018, 9:47 PM
Silvanus Justice Silvanus
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You can but not with SQL standalone so its neither true nor false
16th Jun 2018, 8:57 AM
Aditya Vats
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20th Jun 2018, 11:41 AM