What is printf() and scanf() :- function , array or what else???

27th Jul 2017, 5:16 AM
Himanshu Sharma
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printf() and scanf() functions are inbuilt library functions in C programming language which are available in C library by default. These functions are declared and related macros are defined in ÔÇťstdio.hÔÇŁ which is a header file in C language. In which: 1.printf is used for output 2.scanf is used for reading inputs
27th Jul 2017, 5:20 AM
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Functions, because they have parameters bound by parenthesis which take arguments.
27th Jul 2017, 5:25 AM
Hatsy Rei
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but it doesn't return any value and does not have any return type
27th Jul 2017, 8:38 AM
Himanshu Sharma
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