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How can a java application run in a computer, since it's extension is .jar and apps we using has .exe extension??

all the software programs using in computer has a .exe extension, and java has got .jar extension. then how a java app works in a computer??

31st Mar 2017, 6:56 PM
Vishnu Murali
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so jre is also included with .jar s right?
31st Mar 2017, 7:19 PM
Vishnu Murali
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I performed the steps as outlined, but the CMD prompt is not resulting in the appropriate action? I'm using Windows 10 64 bit - how can I make Java work?
4th Apr 2017, 11:00 PM
LLM Killian
use eclipse
5th Apr 2017, 3:13 AM
Vishnu Murali
because all java class file are store in a package and a class which have main method which is also define in package then make exe file of those package and run on window platform
12th Apr 2017, 1:48 PM
gyanchand prajapati
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