Where can I learn python core programming

I learnt basics and logics pattern designs, now I want to learn core and modules and packages. How could I understand where should I use which modules or packages and what is the syntax for packages

23rd May 2021, 4:06 AM
C Santhosh Kumar raju
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Bro you should search this question in google, as you will find various links/answers there. tutorials, lessons, Yt videos, etc.
23rd May 2021, 4:41 AM
NEZ - avatar
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I had completed this I want modules and packages Thanks ÔŁĄ for answering
23rd May 2021, 4:23 AM
C Santhosh Kumar raju
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From YouTube
23rd May 2021, 4:30 AM
­čîÇ Shail Murtaza ě┤ě╣█î┘ä ┘ůě▒ě¬ěÂ█î┘░
­čîÇ Shail Murtaza ě┤ě╣█î┘ä ┘ůě▒ě¬ěÂ█î┘░ - avatar
Thanks for the information
24th May 2021, 9:00 AM
C Santhosh Kumar raju