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touchscreen keyboard issue in tkinter text widget on pydroid3

Hello everybody, I have an issue with the touchscreen keyboard interface when using the text widget on pydroid3, e.g. with the code If I use the first keyboard layer (that with the normal characters) on the Samsung keyboard on my Galaxy S8 it works just fine. But when I switch to the second layer with the numbers and the special characters, I hardly can input single characters. Keyboard layout of the two top rows is: 1234567890 !@#$%^&*() If I type ! then !1 is printed in the text widget. If I type @ then there comes @2 and so on... This problem is only in tkinter on pydroid3, not in other apps. I removed and reinstalled pydroid3 but the issue remained. I tried the code on another device, i.e. my old Galaxy Tab S, and there it worked perfectly. ... continued in next posting due to character limit ...

2nd Dec 2020, 2:52 AM
Jan Markus
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... continuation ... My question is: Did anybody of you experience this issue as well, preferably on the Samsung Galaxy S8? What would you do to solve the issue? I am clueless because I did not find related answers on Google. Only thing what I could imagine to do would be to do a factory reset of my phone, but that would be a giant job because of the mass of data and apps which I have stored and organized on my phone. Or is there a possibility for touchscreen keyboard calibration? But as I mentioned before: This problem is only on pydroid3 together with tkinter. It is not present on other apps. edit: I tested a similar code which uses Qt5 instead of Tkinter. There the described issue does not appear. That means that there is probably a problem with tkinter. But I will try it on a different Samsung device as well today.
2nd Dec 2020, 2:53 AM
Jan Markus
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Update: I tried the code on a different device, a Samsung Galaxy A8, where I had to install PyDroid3 first. That means that the install should be clean. The problem with the malfunction of the keyboard interface in Tkinter also was present there. Ôś╣ If I wanted to solve the case with Tkinter then I assume that I would have to create an own keyboard with buttons in order to avoid the keyboard pitfall.
4th Dec 2020, 3:33 AM
Jan Markus
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I don't have any knowledge about tkinter. So in my understanding maybe the Samsung keyboard is buggy, Have you tried another keyboards other than default one, such as keyboard provided by Goggle or any other 3rd party apps(keyboards)? Or, Clear data of your Samsung keyboard app??. I don't know whether it's works or not, but just an effort from myself, if that helps :-)
2nd Dec 2020, 4:20 AM
0_O-[M├Ąg├ír_S├ím_├äk├á_N├╝llp├Ş├»nt├¬r_├łx├źc├ępt├»├Ân]~~ - avatar
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0_O-[M├Ąg├ír_S├ím_├äk├á_N├╝llp├Ş├»nt├¬r_├łx├źc├ępt├»├Ân]~~ I have the following touchscreen keyboard apps on my phone installed: - Gboard - Google voice input - Hacker's keyboard - Samsung keyboard The problem exists with "Gboard" and "Samsung keyboard". "Google voice input" is not relevant to this topic because it works by talking and not by touching. The "Hacker's Keyboard" app also does not work flawlessly and is in fact unusable on a 5"-display because the keys are too small and the writings on the keys, especially of the alternative keys I can hardly read. But I need the "Hacker's keyboard" in order to input Tabs or Ctrl-key- inputs in rare cases, e.g. in Termux. The other mentioned keyboards do not support Tabs or Ctrl-keys. There seems to be no possibility to clear a data cache of the keyboard app.
2nd Dec 2020, 5:29 AM
Jan Markus
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Vadivelan I installed the SwiftKey keyboard app. It shows the same problem. Ôś╣
2nd Dec 2020, 5:37 AM
Jan Markus
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Jan Markus I am also face this problem in Pydroid. I try this in That also gave same problem. I am using MS SwiftKey keyboard.
2nd Dec 2020, 5:03 AM
0 shows the same problem in PC keyboard also. I did in Python IDE on PC, it working fine.
2nd Dec 2020, 5:44 AM
3rd Dec 2020, 8:39 AM