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Data structures

Which is the best language to learn for data structure ?

20th Jul 2020, 12:58 AM
Amit Kumar
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20th Jul 2020, 1:14 AM
WatchÔŁĄ´ŞĆTime - avatar
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20th Jul 2020, 1:17 AM
Levelhp - avatar
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I prefer you c++
20th Jul 2020, 1:20 AM
NoobClan - avatar
Choose your main language. I wont be hard for you if you try it to apply on other languages.
20th Jul 2020, 6:40 AM
Jay Gilbert Garzon
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5th Jun 2021, 2:01 PM
Html Hacker
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c++ or java choose either one but if you want to solve problems then go with C++ as its consist of Standard Template Library where there are already most of the data structurs and algorithms are implemented and ready to use
20th Jul 2020, 8:32 PM
Irfan Shaikh