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Is there any alternative of z-index ?

Some times z-index doesn't work. So is there any alternative of z-index that we use to stack the elements in a order we want. And also can any one tell why sometimes z-index doesn't work? If any one fill the same please drop your project link in comment-box !

21st Jul 2019, 10:53 PM
Aditya Raj
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I think the reason that z index sometimes doesn't work is there is a limit to specify how big or small z-index can be . Here is text quoted from "The CSS specs do not mention an upper limit for┬áz-index┬ábut┬áthere is a maximum value┬ábecause of the type of variable used to store that value (a 32-bit signed integer); thus the limit in modern browsers is┬á2,147,483,647." Now about alternative ­čĄö. I think transform:translateZ(); should also work same as it moves elements back and forth in 3d space.
22nd Jul 2019, 12:38 AM
­čç«­čç│Omkar­čĽë - avatar