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Should I learn Kivy or PyQt5?

Hi, everyone. I want to write some multi-touch applications which can be run everywhere (Linux/Windows/Mac/Android/iOS). I want Write once and run everywhere. so PyQt5 and Kivy. What should i choose? or alternative? thanks!

17th Oct 2018, 10:00 AM
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PyQt (and PySide when it was a going concern, but it basically hasn't been since QT4) has been the de factostandard because it was the first to add better styling, and it's widely known and pretty easy to learn, but (at least with PyQt) it's encumbered by a somewhat unfriendly license, and it wasn't traditionally the easiest thing to install, especially on Windows (this has passed as a real issue). Kivy really addresses the mobile space, arguably better than PyQt does, and a lot of people like it because you can basically get it to work anywhere, but it's got the disadvantage of not being as well documented or as popular.
17th Oct 2018, 3:56 PM
Maninder $ingh
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