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What do you chose between ruby on rails and Laravel

Hello, When it come to build webapps,what do you chose between Ruby On Rails and Laravel or any PHP Frawork,and why?

12th Jun 2018, 2:06 AM
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Laravel. It let you build very clean and easy to maintain projects, also bigger ones. I very much like how the model-view-controller concept is done in the framework and the video tutorials and documentation is excellent. Its so good that I could realize a professional project while learning it.
12th Jun 2018, 2:41 AM
Franz - avatar
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Ruby on Rails is a powerful one used to create sites like soundcloud. BUT: When it comes to Laravel framework (outstanding and fast growing php framework). 1.Easy to learn 2.MVC model pretty cool (M-model, V-Views, C- Controller) Let me give you a little outline of this. database--->model--->controller--->view model: gets data from database(no need to use sql for querying data). controller: connects the model hence passes data to the view. view: displays data using normal html codes. 3.Authentication(e.g sign up,sign in, passwords(encrypted) also forgot password) all this done by a single line in the terminal. #php artisan make:auth **everything pop up like magic. and much moreeeeeee! There are plenty of tutorials out there. Here are few! codecourse.com tutorialpoint.com laracast.com scrotch.io Go and have fun! By the way your welcome to there world of laravel web app developers.
23rd Jun 2018, 10:46 PM
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