how to create a website to be interactive? | Sololearn: Learn to code for FREE!
10th Dec 2016, 1:11 PM
Edy Sadega
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An interactive website, in programming, is meant to be a website that uses JavaScript as it's also called "the language that makes a website interractive" but I know you did not mean that. I think that you were talking about how it looks (CSS). Bootstrap is a great, quick way to make a website interractive and beautiful. In order to make a website even MORE intereactive, you will need to learn Marketing at university or Online. (It highly depends on what are you after. Have a bug-free coding and next time post questions that may have a clear ansewer, going right to the subject.
10th Dec 2016, 9:27 PM
Gabriel Popa
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simplest and best solution would be using java script and jquery there's a good java script course in solo learn to start from zero to good as for jquery go to there's great jquery course along side with every language u need for web development including html, css, java script, ruby rail, angula... etc
13th Dec 2016, 6:15 PM
Mohammad Shweiki
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