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Code is in the Air!

Code is in the Air!

The web has become the modern version of the Grand Coliseum. Contests, challenges, and competitions abound. But there's more to programming contests than just entertainment.

Competitive programming helps coders:

  • learn new ways of doing things.
  • boost healthy competition and knowledge sharing.
  • keep your brain sharp and focused.
  • see where they stand within the community.
  • create something new and have fun.

A week ago, SoloLearn announced its first coding contest: The Code Ninja Challenge. With this contest, we aim to help SoloLearners sharpen their coding skills, while creatively showcasing the immense potential of our SoloLearn community members.

Coding is about creativity and the ability to come up with new and interesting ideas. So, we are calling all coders to come to our Code Playground and create something new and cool!

Here's the link for the contest: http://code.sololearn.com/

Submit the link to your entry here: www.sololearn.com/ninja/


All entries will be open for public voting on June 11-12. Be sure to invite your friends to view and vote for your project!

On June 13, we'll announce the winner, who will receive a shining Code Ninja Champion trophy (attached to his or her SoloLearn Profile), and a custom-designed SoloLearn t-shirt!

Whether you are participating in the SoloLearn Code Ninja Challenge or not, we hope you will stop by to try your hand at coding or vote for your favorite project. And don't forget to visit our social networking sites to keep up with our ninjas and be updated on the latest happenings with the contest.




Best of luck to all ninjas! May the code be with you!