DON'T Leave Your Comfort Zone - Enjoy It!

DON'T Leave Your Comfort Zone - Enjoy It!

Every day, you're bombarded with wise quotes urging you to leave your comfort zone to start really living and achieve success. Seems like the image that really irks everyone is…well…you. 

There you sit, in your comfortable armchair, with a cup of tea or coffee in one hand and your phone in the other. And if you happen to be a gamer, and also happen to (Oh, my god!) prefer playing games to, say, studying, the nagging gets even worse: “Stop playing; do something!” This is what all of us hear, every day, from everyone who cares.

But what if you could learn, practice, become a professional, and even find a job? And what if you could do it without interrupting your game? What if ENJOYING your comfort zone can do you more good than leaving it ever would? 

We admit that playing games is a major building block in your comfort zone. We couldn't find one adequate definition of the word play, but there are a number of psychological studies into why people play games. Studies show that all gamers have one thing in common: play gives them great enjoyment and pleasure, because it's FUN.

I'm part of the Millennial Generation, born between 1980 and 2000. Having been raised under the mantra "follow your dreams", and being told we were special, we tend to be confident and question everything we meet on our travels through life. On top of that, we're ready to DISRUPT. So, why can’t we question the effectiveness of colleges, universities, and even dry, boring online courses? Why can’t we combine learning with playing?

I've found my recipe: Learning should be a natural process that doesn't contradict my overall lifestyle. While it's still important to learn and master a new skill, I believe it can also be fun.

With all of this in mind, SoloLearn is sending even more fun your way! We've released one of our biggest and most important updates since we launched our very first apps. We've added a PLAY button to your Learn C++ app for Android. Try it out, challenge a friend or a random opponent from the community, answer the quizzes, solve the challenges. Be faster and smarter; show off your skills; compete; and win! Become a true representative of your generation. And don’t forget about learning to code. Learning to code means learning how to think creatively, reason systematically, and work collaboratively. These skills are important in any profession, and will help you express yourself in your personal life, too!


By Armina Mkhitaryan,
PR&Marketing at SoloLearn