SoloLearn Keeps Millennials Engaged: Online Learning's Missing Ingredient

SoloLearn Keeps Millennials Engaged: Online Learning's Missing Ingredient

SoloLearn, the largest and fastest growing mobile community of code learners, has just hit a new milestone, reaching three million SoloLearners, who have been learning and practicing coding using all types of devices, at all times, and in all areas of the world. And, perhaps best of all, they're learning while playing, for free.

Launched a year ago, SoloLearn has created courses that combine bit-sized pieces of info, combined with interactive quizzes and practice sessions. All of this makes learning easy, fast, and fun. To date, the community of SoloLearners has completed over nine million lessons!

What is it that makes SoloLearning so attractive, and where does it fit into today's global effort to improve online learning's stickiness and engagement?

SoloLearn's founders believe that there is a key component that the edtech community has yet to fully utilize: learning's network effect. While group learning has increasingly been integrated into offline learning methodologies, this component has been relatively overlooked as it relates to online learning, where efforts are still primarily focused on content creation and online availability. In addition, Generation X learning tools, which primarily rely on self-discipline and self-motivation, do not seem to work for the new Millennial Generation, which researchers largely describe as highly intelligent, but non-linear, globally networked, and extremely competitive. There is clearly an expectation for natural and relatively effortless learning experiences, in which interactive gameplay replaces top-down instruction and curriculum. The new focus is on building learners' social profiles, and allowing them to work at their own pace, while engaging in peer-to-peer competition and collaboration in order to improve and show off their results.

In this era, knowing how to code is not just a “privilege” of the gifted. Rather, it's a new, widely used language, and niche learning is not going to be particularly effective in bringing our society up-to-speed. Our new computer literacy demands new and scalable approaches and tools. And SoloLearn might be the one having the right ingredients for it.

About SoloLearn

Available on all major platforms and devices, SoloLearn brings a new twist to traditional group-learning methods. It offers nine mobile apps, on subjects that include Web Design and Development; C++; Java; SQL; Swift; and, most recently, Python. Primary emphasis is placed on providing even greater interactivity and leveraging network wisdom to further drive engagement and instill the desire to learn.