SoloLearn: The Largest Mobile Community to Learn Coding

SoloLearn: The Largest Mobile Community to Learn Coding

A couple of months ago, we were celebrating the achievement of adding 1 million learners worldwide. The months since then have been full of hard work; concentration; energy; a lot of frustrating moments as we discovered and eliminated bugs; and a lot of happy moments as we received your stars and reviews. 

Today, we're excited and proud to tell you that we've surpassed another milestone! We've hit 3 million SoloLearners, who have chosen use our apps to learn, play, have fun, and interact. So far, our learners have completed 9 million lessons and 29 million quizzes.

New members join our community every day, through our apps, the website, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Product Hunt, Reddit, and many other channels. Our learners provide us with support and encouragement that inspire us to work even harder.

Over the past few months, our team has brought the fast, easy, and free learning experience to the Web, providing you with the ability to learn wherever and whenever you want, using any device. Short, downloadable text pieces have come to replace and complement video materials; quizzes and challenges have become more interactive; and peer-to-peer learning is more effective with the discussion boards.

What’s Next?

The best is yet to come! New courses and challenges are on the way. We believe that networked learning is the way to go. The beta-testing of the new, soon-to-come PLAY feature will encourage even greater collaboration and competition, and add even more fun to the learning process. As always, we will continue to listen to you, our learners, and to work very hard to make your SoloLearn experience even better.

We have witnessed the rise of the largest mobile community to learn coding, and now we are thrilled to watch it grow further! Lets make it happen together!