Upwork & SoloLearn: Best Served Together

Upwork & SoloLearn: Best Served Together

We're excited to announce SoloLearn's new partnership with Upwork (formerly oDesk).

Now you can find relevant job offerings right away, while learning on our website! Click on the course of your choice and view freelance career opportunities, suggested by the largest freelance talent marketplace on the Internet. Score in the top 10 percent, and discover what our partners have to offer, specifically tailored to you.

About Upwork

Upwork helps clients connect and work with talent more quickly and efficiently, while freeing you and your fellow professionals from working in a stationary location, according to a set schedule. Upwork freelancers earn more than one billion dollars annually, and in the United States alone, 53 million professionals worked as freelancers in 2014. Upwork is the first online marketplace large enough to rank among the top staffing and talent engagement firms in the US.

The Magic Blend

At SoloLearn, we believe that everyone can learn to code, and that learning is not something that should be done to you by someone else. Our mobile social platform lets you teach yourself, anytime and anywhere that's convenient for you. We provide the opportunity for you to master a new skill, compete with your peers, and have fun - all at absolutely no charge.

And now, working side-by-side with Upwork, we can help you improve your life, make better choices, and build your future - all in one place.